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October 12, 2010
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Omega -Caldari Support Cruiser by MoonredStarblack Omega -Caldari Support Cruiser by MoonredStarblack
Omega: a ship of mystery.
According to initial assumptions that this ship had to be created specially for the inteligence, but its manufacturer lost the contract because of selection of Kalakiota prototype based on well known and trusted Scorpion-class vessel. Unit selected by Caldari Navy was named Widow. Meanwhile the Omega project gone into the suspension and would be hit to kill without Mordus Legion intervention.

The organization called on unofficial channels to the private manufacturing company - former owner of Omega project expressing the willingness to buy back the project. Transactions were made, and Legion engineers from reasons known only by them created a unit which is something between the logistic support ship, and command ship.

According to reports, in addition to supporting the role of sporadic cases of Omega Legion recently taking part in the battles turned out to be the heavy e-war platforms, with the few observations can be inferred that the extremely smoothly went from playing a deffence support role to a agressive diversion and hostile ships systems attack.
I strongly suggest to watch it via download button.
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Psychoo303 Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2010
Don't worry Moony, 90% of original EVE ships are the ugliest 3D models on Earth, so it's no shame that you could't make something ugly enough to fit :)
By the way, most of your contest entries were excellent examples showing that a spaceship can both look good and keep EVE'ish feeling (Moonhawk for Caldari, Ripper for Minmatar). That wasn't the last contest in the universe, so keep up good work. B)
jarond Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
oh also with the new CCP contest coming up you should have a much better chance to win! as it won't be based off off super official rules and will be community judged!
MoonredStarblack Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Also notice, that my model do not have many fans comparing to the rest :>. But I will fight ;)
MoonredStarblack Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2010
Well Im not sure I'll have any chances. Notice that most of EVE players are not cg artists and they may not understand that solid model without textures might actualy look much better with textures.
Also EVE team was pressed by EVE community "and we have listened closely to what you have said."

Im not ignorant ass(h)ole. Probably You r right. I love spaceships and SF. I love EVE. So I use every chance given to me.
MoonredStarblack Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
Uh well..badluck?
jarond Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2010
it's not bad luck, it's a bad model sheet.

it's a great design though! but it's obvious you just render it out in 3d, which leaves poly edges. Poly edges are not modeling information. If a line does not show form or shape then it should not be on the model sheet. CCP are not DA judges, sorry but they most likely look at your for half and second, laughed about it and closed it. the art industry is damn cruel. ( I should know I've been in it :P can suck out your artist soul)

As such, and because it's clearly a 3d render, it did not get chosen. Even if it is awesome. : ) which it is by the way I would love to fly it and i love the middle, I can see cool EW effects building up in the middle of it.
dont' take my hrash critque wrong you just should know why it didn't win so you don't try to ever pass something off like this for a job out of ignorance. Ignorance never helped anyone, presentation is like 70% of what you a job. even if that doesn't seem fair :P
PlanetaryGenocide Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2010
Mecinia Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
I like the original design. The fact it resembles the greek letter Omega is interesting (though of course its not exact). The size would place it in the cruiser category (maybe low end battlecruiser....though it would be smaller than the Ferox being around the same size as an Osprey).

I think its a fine design :)
Nakayme Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
In all honesty, this ship seems to fit more into Gallente design than Caldari, and that maybe it'd work better if it was longer. I mean, could you imagine a long gallente ship with that sort of shape? Yeah, some modifications would have to be done. Or maybe turn it on it's side, and you'd get a station ring.
As it is, it looks HORRIBLE, and I'd HATE to fly that thing. So believe me when I (a Caldari Pilot) say congratulations, you captured Caldari design PERFECTLY. Especially while implementing an original design.
Not only that, but this ship makes plenty of sense. I could see it as being more of a cruiser, battlecruiser, or destroyer (and it would be a sweet destroyer, and we need more of those). It would definitely fit in as a frigate. But the design would give it a good avoidance to fire - fire 'dead on' on a normal ship would just end up passing through the center, along with a lot of fire from the side (after all, it's not very long.)

About the only actual recommendation I'd do to change the design of this ship would be to give it a larger bridge up top - a longer one, make it have more of a caldari design while still maintaining the original shape. Maybe even give it a bit of a drone deployment zone to make it a Guristas ship.

Other than that, I'm not TOO surprised this was the ship of yours that was selected. You had several good entries (I actually linked two of your other entries to my friends and said: This is why I don't stand a chance). But this is original and goes a far ways away from typical starship design by comparison.
Hope you win and can use the prize casholas to upgrade your machine.
MoonredStarblack Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2010
I even got an idea now. Sad I can't change it. And thank You very much for those warm words.
I would be happy with Moonhawk/Manta/Ripper in top 15 but I love every of my "babies" so I can be a bad "mother" and complain about it ;> All In all I think Omega is not a bad design and /i enjoyed creatin it. Im glad You find it to fit into EVE universe which was my main target. And machine..dreaming about it for soo long time. Mkay. The only thing which left is to w8 until the top3 will be choosen. Im wasted and I need to rest. I look like drunked druggie after that competition ;P (Words of employers of the firm in which Im working as part time job ;P)
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